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Aircap Bubble Wrap Small Bubble rolls 1500mm x 200m - Each

Aircap Bubble Wrap Small Bubble rolls 1500mm x 200m - Each

Aircap Bubble Wrap Small Bubble rolls 1500mm x 200m - Each
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Manufactured by Sealed Air (the inventors of Bubble Wrap®) Aircap® bubblewrap retains superior cushioning by preventing air loss from its barrier sealed bubbles. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Aircap® has a unique nylon air retention barrier which traps air inside the individual bubbles. This provides extra thickness and strength with longer lasting protection and storage than non-barrier bubblewrap. In addition, Aircap® is made from a thinner co-extruded film thereby keeping delivery and storage costs down.

Ideal for protecting fragile or delicate items against shocks, knocks and vibrations during transit and storage. Aircap® is flexible, lightweight and pre-scored for quick and easy tearing to size. It is reusable and fully recyclable.

Aircap® small bubble wrap is supplied in economical compact 200m rolls which take up less storage space than conventional 100m bubble wrap rolls thanks to its ability to be tightly wound around the core without air loss from the barrier sealed air bubbles. Cheaper alternative products often deflate around the core when wound.

Aircap® small bubble wrap (bubble height 4.2mm) is ideal for wrapping smaller fragile items; surface protection, interleaving and cushioning. Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008
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AirCap Bubble Wrap

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