XE Desktop Eco Waterproof Laser Paper A4 190gsm (135 mic) Large Pack - Box 500 sheets

XE Desktop Eco Waterproof Laser Paper A4 190gsm (135 mic) Large Pack - Box 500 sheets

XE Desktop Eco Waterproof Laser Paper A4 190gsm (135 mic) Large Pack  - Box 500 sheets
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XE Desktop Eco Waterproof Laser Paper delivers on environmental efficiencies. The coated polyester film is produced using 85% manufacturing/industrial off-cuts which are recycled back into the extrusion process to create a high quality, durable product with essentially no waste streams.

XE Desktop Eco prints just like paper and has been optimised for use on desktop laser and LED printers as well as mid to low speed colour copiers and other smaller toner fusion devices. It has been rigorously tested to deliver quality output on short to medium print runs.

With specifically tuned electrical charge characteristics to enable vibrant imaging and minimise static related feed problems, XE Eco Desktop has an ultra smooth finish which ensures easy feeding on desktop machines.

As with the rest of the XE range, XE Desktop Eco is designed for use in harsh environments including: extreme outdoor; industrial; pharmaceutical; marine and field use; XE (XtremeEnvironment) waterproof papers are ideal for applications where durability combined with uncompromised printability, are essential requirements.

  • Waterproof - impervious to freshwater, saltwater, rain and even treated swimming pools!
  • Greaseproof - perfect for repeated handling applications
  • Tearproof- cannot be torn by hand or become dog-eared
  • Chemical resistant - deters oil, grease, petrol, diesel and aviation fuel
  • Wipeable - ideal for environments where regular cleaning is required
  • Easy stain removal - withstands use of household detergents and bleach
  • Punchable - can be hole punched or die cut without compromising the integrity of the sheet
  • UV resistant – robust durability for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Estimated at 6 months depending on the machine used to print and the intensity of exposure (a UV varnish can be applied to further extend life of UV resistance)
  • High Opacity – for full colour, double sided printing 
  • Excellent print quality – ensures vibrant colour representation and sharp imagery
  • Instant Dry - ready to use straight from the printer
  • No need to laminate - maximum durability without the added material and process cost of lamination
  • Tolerant to fluctuations in temperatures - once printed, can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°c to 120°c
  • Various size options available with other weight/size options available in the standard XE Desktop range.

Durable and lightweight, it can be used straight from the printer with no need for drying time and produces quality print results on mono and colour copiers and laser printers.

XE Desktop Eco delivers immediate useful media with professional results and robust versatility. It has been used successfully for a multitude of applications across numerous industries including: armed forces; submersibles industry; deep sea diving; fisheries; hotel and catering; search and rescue; outdoor centres; extreme sports; NHS; local authorities; utilities; heavy engineering; construction; biotech companies (including clean rooms); conservation; agriculture; forestry; horticulture; orienteering; education; expeditions; etc.

XE Desktop Eco is the ideal medium for creating instruction sheets, maps, labels, charts, tags, technical manuals, signage, surveys, menus, logbooks, passes and permits and much more.

Also available in Digital format as XE Digital Waterproof Laser Paper, for superior efficiency on 60ppm+ high speed, dry toner colour digital presses and production laser printers.

(User tip: When printing Polyesters by laser or copier methods please refer to your printer manual for optimum film settings).

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Size A4
Weight gsm 190
Shade White
Brand XtremeEnvironment (XE)
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