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Xerox Colotech Promotion
Carbonless Paper

Carbonless Paper

XEROX Premium Digital Carbonless Paper is a range of premium NCR paper specifically designed for the production of high quality short run business form sets on copiers and laser printers.

REACTO NCR Carbonless Paper is designed for standard offset printing and offers trouble free on-press performance. It can also be used on most inkjet printers.

REACTO LASER is a range of carbonless paper designed for use on dry toner laser printers and digital presses.

Buy Carbonless Paper as either:

  Single reams in white or coloured so that you can make up your own multi-part forms (also useful if you plan to use multiple feed or output trays in your printer).
•  OR to save time, choose precollated multi-part sets which are already precollated into sets ready for immediate use. Sets include 2 and 3 part NCR paper sets.
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