XE Waterproof Range Guide

XE Waterproof Laser Paper

Ultra tough and durable – no lamination required!

Why Use XE Waterproof Laser Paper?Why use XE Waterproof Laser Paper?

XE looks and performs like conventional paper and can be scored, folded and creased. However, unlike paper, XE is designed for prolonged use in harsh environments including extreme outdoor, industrial, marine and field use. It is able to withstand rain, heat and temperature variations, whilst deterring grease, solvent and chemicals.

The XE range is waterproof and tearproof and offers robust resilience to:

Xtreme Environment Paper & Card

Household Cleaners such as

  • Finish ® PowerBall ®
  • Domestic dish detergents
  • Fairy™
  • Palmolive ®
  • Dawn ®

and most other store-brands

Medical Disinfectants ( XE Digital Waterproof Laser Paper only) such as:

  • Ecolab ® Encompass™
  • Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaners (* Please follow manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaner strength and usage)
  • Methylated spirits

Bleach – use Domestos™ or any store-branded thick bleach to remove grime from XE.  Simply immerse in the bleach solution and allow to air dry.  In the majority of cases, 90% of a stain can be bleached with 10 minutes immersion. However, more stubborn stains may require up to 2 hours immersion.

Top Tip

Top Tip: We recommend diluting any thick bleach with a 1:1 ratio with tap water - always follow recommended usage guidelines from the bleach manufacturer.

Industrial Chemicals – Safe and durable exposure to gasoline (Petroleum Spirit) and diesel splashes, brake cleaner, motor oil, Castrol™ lubricating grease , WD-40 ®, hydraulic fluid, aviation fuel, cutting oil and degreaser and ammonia solutions (25%-35%).

Top Tip

Top Tip: Use a microfibre cleaning cloth if you need to wipe wet XE in order to keep your printed image in pristine condition.

Beverages – simply wipe clean spillages of coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk, Coca Cola ® Sprite ®, beer, wine, & spirits up to 40% strength – no staining!

Condiments – Whether it’s sauce, mustard, oils or vinaigrettes, simply wipe clean.  Even dried material can be removed by re-wetting with a damp, non-abrasive microfibre cloth!

All this, and more......

Time and cost savings – No need to laminate. XE can be printed on demand. Its robust durability minimises the need to reprint.

User friendly and efficient – Easy to use and job-ready straight from the printer. Print XE on-demand for rapid turnaround and short run flexibility of documents needing regular or seasonal updates eg. menus or promotional material.

OEM Compatible – XE is suitable for use on Xerox, Ricoh, Kodak, Oce and Konica Minolta digital presses and other dry toner digital or laser printers.

Versatile – lots of paper types, weights and thicknesses to choose from:

Reliable - XE has been used for over 10 years in a vast array of applications including research laboratories, restaurants, hospitals, schools, garden centres, engineering, construction, oil rigs and military field use. XE has been tried, tested and trusted for a diverse range of industries.

Professional print quality - vibrant colour representation and sharp imagery make communications stand out.

XE Waterproof Paper & Card Double sided printing – whether printing mono colour or full colour, XE (white sheets) has a high opacity and can be printed on both sides with confidence.

Engineered to suit different machines XE Digital Waterproof Laser Paper has been formulated for superior efficiency on 60ppm+ high speed, dry toner colour digital presses and production colour laser printers and copiers (it has also been used successfully on desktop printers).

XE Desktop Waterproof Laser Printer Paper is optimised for use on desktop laser and LED printers as well as mid to low speed colour copiers and other smaller toner fusion devices. It has been rigorously tested to deliver quality output on short to medium print runs.

Tolerant to fluctuations in temperatures - once printed, XE can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°c to 120°c.

UV resistant – robust durability for prolonged exposure to sunlight. Estimated at 6 months depending on the machine used to print and the intensity of exposure (a UV varnish can be applied to further extend life of UV resistance).

Flexible - XE can be folded, punched or die cut without compromising the integrity of the sheet.

Did You Know?Did you know?

Lamination requires an additional time-consuming process after printing. Furthermore, laminated documents can bubble, crease or crack thus allowing moisture to penetrate and compromise the durability, legibility and professional appearance of the document.

The XE range is inherently weatherproof and offers a superior and cost effective alternative to lamination.

Take the test - Try our easy to use comparison calculator and see for yourself how using XE can save money compared with pouch lamination.

Top Tip

 Top Tip: by switching from laminated paper to XE, you can also save money by using thinner sheets. You don’t need thickness for durability so, maximise savings!

How Does It WorkXE Waterproof Laser Paper - How does it work?

The XE range is manufactured from a polyester substrate material coated on both sides for optimum print receptiveness and durability. Printed images become locked under the laser topcoat ensuring maintained vibrancy and high quality protection against the elements.


Xtreme Environmental Can I print XE using an Inkjet printer?
No - inkjet technology works by spraying very fine drops of ink on to paper which would simply run off XE sheets due to it being waterproof. XE is designed for dry toner printing on desktop or production laser printers, digital printers, photocopiers or litho printing using fully oxidising inks.

Do I need to laminate XE?
No - XE offers maximum durability without the added material and process cost of lamination. Unlike laminated documents and signs etc which allow moisture to seep in along the cut edges and are susceptible to becoming dog eared at the corners, XE offers a quicker, cost effective and longer lasting solution.

Does XE have a grain direction?
No - XE is a synthetic and does not have a grain direction.

Can XE be hole punched?
Yes - XE can be hole punched or die cut. However, drilling should be avoided.

Can I write on XE papers?
Yes - XE is receptive to a range of writing instruments including Bic, Biro, Rotring Isograph technical drawing pens, space pens and permanent markers.
Avoid fountain and gel pens as they won't dry on the page.
Pencils such as B, HB, F and Chinagraph are also suitable.
Mechanical pencils have a thinner tip which can dig into the paper.

What about XE and the environment? Recycling logo
The XE range uses light and dimensionally stable Polyester base film combined with an aqueous coating which means no solvent waste or VOC emission during the production process and its life cycle.

XE vs Laminating
Laminating paper to increase its durability is a possible alternative to XE. However, laminating does not reduce the use of plastic, has limited resistance, and the printed material often needs to be re-produced over time. On the other hand, printed XE films are designed solely to create durable applications. XE does not need laminating, thus removing the need to re-print and the need for additional processing to improve durability - thereby saving energy and materials – making XE a better alternative than laminated paper in terms of environmental impact.

The PVC-free synthetic film used in the XE range is inert and can be landfilled and is classed as a category 7 plastic for recycling. In many circumstances energy balance studies show that incineration with Energy Recovery by licensed authorities is the most environmentally efficient recovery route for polyester film waste. The valuable energy released can be recovered and used in heating of public buildings and homes, depending on local regulation and recycling facilities available.

Storage and UsageStorage and usage

  • Store in cool dry conditions ideally between 10-20°C (20-55% relative humidity).
  • Move into print room 24 hours before printing to allow XE to regulate to room temperature for optimum print performance.
  • Fan sheets before loading into the printer paper tray in order to remove static build up.
  • Always refer to your printer manual to check paper thickness/gsm limitations and to determine optimum film settings.
  • Return unused product to its original packaging.
  • Shelf life: 18 months after delivery (under recommended conditions- see individual product technical sheets for more information).

TroubleshootingTrouble Shooting

Problem: Faded areas or poor colour reproduction


  • Ensure you are using the correct XE product for your printer.

    If you are using a mid-to low-speed colour copier or individual desktop laser or LED printer, use XE Desktop waterproof laser paper and card . Smaller printers have lower transfer charge ability than others. XE Desktop has specifically tuned electrical charge characteristics to enable vibrant imaging and optimise quality print results on short to medium print runs.

    XE Digital Waterproof Laser Paper and Card is designed for use on high speed (60ppm+) dry toner colour digital presses and production colour laser printers which have a higher transfer charge ability.
  • When double sided printing (duplex), always print the side with the most  coverage or block of colours, second. By printing the lighter graphic side first you effectively charge the sheet on both sides. This means the second side when duplex printed is pre-charged (or charged twice) and will accept more transfer.
  • If single sided printing (simplex) with a large amount of coverage or block of colours, one way to increase the static charge is to fake a duplex print by printing a simple black dot in one corner of the first printed side and then to print the challenging graphic on the second side. You are effectively charging the XE sheet twice just like in duplex mode. The black dot on the reverse side can then be trimmed after printing.
  • If printer settings allow, adjust transfer currents. Up or down will give you various results (this depends on the machine but also the thickness of the synthetic you run on that machine).
  • If printer settings allow, adjust the printer speed. A lower speed will reduce static and ghosting and improve fusing by spending more time in the fuser. Be aware however, that it may also soften the sheet if used on lower weights.

    Higher speed may increase static and create ghosting images or unwanted toner transfer but will reduce fusing time and reduce softening/page curling problems.

Problem:  Heavier weights of XE Paper will not run through printer


  • Not all printers are able to run heavier synthetics. Always refer to your printer manual for weight/thickness limitations and optimum film settings.

Problem: Sheets not feeding/double feeding/ jamming in the printer


  • Move XE sheets into the print room 24 hours before printing, to allow them to regulate to room temperature.
  • Ensure sheets are fanned well before loading into the printer tray. This helps avoid multiple feed due to static.
  • Check that the material weight or thickness isn't beyond the capability of the machine specification.
  • Try using the bypass tray or high capacity tray with air assist on.

Problem: Static trouble


  • Try switching off the air conditioning to help raise humidity in the room.
  • Try putting a re-humidifier in the print area. Ideally you will need to get the room to 40% RH or above.
    Top Tip

    Top Tip: Boiling a kettle near the machine helps to re-humidify the air.

  • Make sure the printer is warmed up, this will help reduce static.
  • Where possible, reduce the printer speed settings. This can be done by changing the paper weight setting of the machine (heavier weights run at slower speeds).
  • Fan the stack of sheets and build them up singly in the delivery tray to introduce air between each sheet.
  • Run a sheet of ordinary paper through the printer every 500 sheets to remove any static build up.

Problem: Poor toner fusion


  • Reduce printer speed by selecting heavyweight settings.
  • Try other printer settings – OHP, clear film, transparency or heavy coated paper.
  • Ensure you are using the correct XE product for your printer.

    If you are using a mid-to low-speed colour copier or individual desktop laser or LED printer, use XE Desktop waterproof laser paper and card . Smaller printers have lower transfer charge ability than others. XE Desktop has specifically tuned electrical charge characteristics to enable vibrant imaging and optimise quality print results on short to medium print runs.

    XE Digital Waterproof Laser Paper and Card is designed for use on high speed (60ppm+) dry toner colour digital presses and production colour laser printers which have a higher transfer charge ability.


Ready to use straight from the printer, the applications for the XE Waterproof Laser paper and XE Self-Adhesive ranges are limitless. Here are just a few of the industry applications in which the XE range is being successfully used:

Table Menu

In food environments, all printed material needs to be durable, cleanable, resist contaminants and withstand regular handling.

  • Bar/restaurant menus
  • Kitchen recipe guides
  • Wash room notices
  • Recipe cards
  • Staff manuals
  • ID passes
  • Water bottle labels
  • Event passes
  • Place cards
  • Placemats
  • Tray liners
Garden Centre

Plant stakes, tags and wraps need to be waterproof, weather resistant, and wipeable whilst maintaining vibrant graphics. Save time and money by printing on demand when codes, texts or images need changing.

  • Plant wraps/tags/stakes
  • Outdoor/indoor signage
  • Planting instruction and care labels

XE is tearproof, washable and durable to withstand daily use with repeated handling. The perfect solution for printable educational aids and other cost effective uses within schools and colleges:

  • Charts
  • Flash cards
  • Reference guides
  • Book covers
  • Student ID cards
  • Pocket guides
  • Indoor/outdoor notices
  • Puzzles
  • Instruction manuals
  • Posters
Case Study

poppies 01 Poppies 2Inspired by the Tower of London Weeping Window, a city primary school recreated a Weeping Window of poppies for Remembrance Day 2018. With durability being key to withstand the elements, the school used XE Waterproof paper for their installation. 1500 sheets of A4 vivid red XE Waterproof paper were used to create this stunning sculpture of cascading poppies.

Photos by kind permission of Stirchley Primary School


Waterproof, tearproof, cleanable and alcohol resistant documents and signs which can be written on.

  • Hospital/patient charts
  • Paramedics pocket guide
  • Pharmaceutical manuals
  • Laboratory/medical logs
  • Health and safety signage

Print on demand for up-to-date vibrant and durable imagery.

  • Shelf strips/wobblers etc
  • Labelling
  • Point of sale displays
  • In store catalogues
  • Key fob/store cards
  • Window stickers
  • Seasonal signage
  • Barcoding
  • Staff manuals
  • Health and safety signage

When paper is just not tough enough!

  • Hazard warning / safety labels and stickers
  • Drum and chemical labelling
  • Shipping container / cargo labels
  • Industrial equipment labels
  • Product identification
  • Product identification
  • Fire authority maps/charts
  • Parts/engineeering catalogues
  • Process/ construction manuals
  • Instruction manuals
  • Oil rigging charts
  • Terrain/site maps
  • Utility tagging
  • Construction site plans
Marine cargo and cranes

Marine / Oil
XE is waterproof, weatherproof, and resistant to oil, diesel and petrol making it perfect for applications across the marine and oil industries.
XE marine grade self adhesive labels are not only impervious to saltwater but have a marine grade adhesive, proven to BS5609 certification.

  • Shipping container / cargo labels
  • Oil rigging charts
  • Underwater tags
  • Marine biology surveys
  • Sailing log books
  • Dive charts
  • Marine identification charts
  • Drum and chemical labelling
  • Instruction manuals
Marathon runners

Whether it’s rain, heat, sweat or dirt, XE can take a pounding and still remain usable in any environment.

  • Marathon bibs
  • Maps/atlases/outdoor guides
  • Golf score cards
  • Event passes/tickets
  • First Aid manuals
  • Pocket guides
  • Ski passes
  • Sailing log books
  • Fishing guides
  • Orienteering guides
  • Hiking/OS maps

XE is able to withstand even the most extreme physical and environmental conditions. Use for ultra tough and durable labels, signage, manuals and maps. All waterproof, tearproof and chemical resistant.

  • Log books
  • ID tags
  • Maps/charts
  • Engineering diagrams
  • Instruction manuals
  • Briefing notes
  • Orientation maps/guides
  • Field manuals
Locoal Council/Government

Local Council/Government
Council notices such as planning applications and public safety notices must maintain their legibility wherever they are displayed. XE delivers a professional appearance and all weather endurance without the need to laminate. Save time and money – simply print and go!


Xtreme Environmental Transport
Easy to clean and reusable, XE is durable to withstand daily use with repeated handling.

  • Menus
  • Safety cards
  • Tickets
  • ID badges
  • Engineering plans
  • Staff manuals
  • Safety signage


See how XE can work for your application and try before you buy. Click here to fill out our on screen form and tell us which XE items you are interested in. Free samples are sent out in A4 size and despatched via first class post.

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