Can I use recycled paper in my office machines?

Yes, as long as they are guaranteed for the particular process that is to be used (copier, laser, inkjet etc). purelypaper offers a range of suitable grades including Evolve and MagicColour.

How do I know if my paper is environmentally friendly?

purelypapers' Paper Supplier audits all its suppliers to ensure they are committed to environmental best practice. Furthermore, grades bearing environmental logos such as the Nordic White Swan or NAPM recycled loop have passed stringent environmental accreditation procedures.

What size is A4?


How many sheets are in a ream?

Usually 500; but this is not always the case.

The original definition of a ream was actually "a quantity of paper, typically consisting of twenty quires or 480 sheets". Over time this has evolved to include a "printers ream" (516 sheets); or a ream as most of us understand it today, of 500 sheets.

However, the advent of colour laser and digital printing has led to an upsurge in the usage of heavier weights of paper, which, for practical purposes, cannot be packed in 500 sheet reams. This has led to the adoption of the term "ream" to describe pack quantities other than just 500 sheets.

On the purelypaper website a ream refers to 500 sheets, unless it says otherwise in the main product description.

If the product is not packed 500 sheets to a ream, the pack quantity is clearly described in the main product description, which appears on every page linked to that product e.g. Motif Premium Multifunctional Paper (Pk=250shts) A4 120 gsm. Therefore, in this case the pack is made up of 250 sheets and not 500 sheets as is the norm.

What do the terms ECF, TCF and 'woodfree' mean?

ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) refer to the method of bleaching the pulp. Neither method uses chlorine gas and so are considered to be better for the environment. TCF does not use any chlorine at all whereas ECF uses some chlorine dioxide. This results in AOX (Adsorbable Organo Halogens) levels of zero and up to 0.5kg per tonne of air dried pulp respectively. 'Woodfree' is a description of pulp and paper meaning that they contain little or no mechanically ground fibres. Implies that fibres are chemically treated, thereby eliminating lignin and making the product purer, whiter and stronger. Woodfree is an historical paper-making term shortened from 'groundwood-free' and does not denote a paper or pulp made from materials other than wood.

Can I put copier paper through my inkjet printer?

Most purelypaper copier papers are guaranteed for use on inkjet printers and give satisfactory results when printing text or simple graphics. For high quality photographic images, specialist products such as those in our Dtec V5 range would be more suitable.

Are all papers suitable for colour printing?

Colour inkjet and laser printing places more demands on the paper than monochrome work. Only those papers guaranteed for colour printing should be used for these applications.

Can I put the wrapper in the recycling bin?

Most wrappers have a special coating applied that makes them moisture proof. Unfortunately this coating often prevents the wrappers from being recycled.

Should I fan the paper before putting it into the machine?

Fanning the paper and 'knocking up' the edges so that they are all aligned can help to prevent misfeeds and jams. The paper stack should always be flat and with the edges aligned.

Are all papers guaranteed for double sided copying?

How well a paper performs for double sided or duplex copying can largely depend on the machine. All purelypaper copier and multifunctional grades are capable of being used for duplexing. Often an arrow appears on the wrapper and it is this side that should be printed first. If there isn't an arrow then it is good practice to treat the side where the wrapper is joined as the first print side. This should help prevent problems with the material curling. (There are though, some papers that are better for duplex copying than others and this is often mentioned in the detailed product information e.g. Image Business 80gsm).

When I remove the wrappers from my laser printer paper I find that it rapidly looks wavy. Why is this and what can I do to stop it?

The paper is probably cold and reacting to the change in temperatures between store and print room. Ensure that the stock is brought into the vicinity of the laser print machine, perhaps 24 hours before it is needed for use.

My paper has just been delivered and it's very cold, what do I do?

We recommend that you bring it into the press room and allow it to reach press room temperature prior to removing from the wrappers.

My laser printer and copier always jam on a Monday morning, why is this?

It is likely that the paper in the feed trays has become distorted over the weekend because it has been exposed to various ambient conditions of temperature and humidity. It is likely that there is no heating in the room which will allow the temperature to drop and the humidity to rise. Always leave the paper in the wrappers until use. If the machine is not going to be used for a period of time then the paper should ideally be taken from the feed trays and put back in the original moisture proof packets.

Can I put any paper through a laser printer?

No. Papers that are made specifically to run through laser printers are specially made for that purpose. The conditions inside a laser printer are hot and the air will be very dry. Paper must also pass between fuser rolls to 'set' the toner at temperature of between 160 - 200°c. Papers made for laser printers will contain less moisture than standard printing papers so that they remain stable when they pass through the hot machine. Papers for laser will also be made with certain characteristics for holding and releasing electrical charge to ensure that the toner for the image attracts efficiently and only in the image areas. Standard printing papers will be made with a moisture content that is generally too high for a laser printer. There is a possibility of paper distortion which will cause jams and poor running. There may also be problems with toner refusal because of released moisture in the paper. Standard printing papers are sometimes used on laser printers with success but one could never guarantee consistent performance.

How can I make my inkjet prints last longer?

The best way is to laminate the prints with a UV resistant laminate but alternatively keep the prints away from strong light and display under glass or in an album.

What should I do if my machine jams?

Make sure that the paper looks flat and is in good condition. If in doubt try material from a fresh ream that has been kept in the same room as the copier for at least 24 hours. Sometimes turning the paper over can help. If problems are also experienced on other grades then there is likely to be a fault with the machine. If problems persist, contact purelypaper.


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