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Kapa Line foam board white 40"x 60" (1016x1524mm) 10.0mm thickness - Pack 12 Sheets

Kapa Line foam board white 40"x 60" (1016x1524mm) 10.0mm thickness - Pack 12 Sheets

Kapa Line foam board white 40"x 60" (1016x1524mm) 10.0mm thickness - Pack 12 Sheets
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Kapa Line is a premium lightweight foam board with high quality chromo substitute liners. Kapa Line is the optimal substrate for screen printing, UVC flatbed digital and also for any painting techniques.

Kapa Line is an ideal base board and substrate for all creative artwork. As such it lends itself particularly to modelling and presentation type applications e.g. hanging and indoor signage, mounting board, POS advertising etc.

Some of the key features of Kapa Line are problem-free application of solvent based inks, fast drying, easy processing and excellent cutting and punching characteristics using standard blades.

For 40 years KAPA has been at the forefront of the manufacture of lightweight foam boards with a polyurethane foam core. KAPA is renowned for delivering high performance foam boards with usable surfaces on both sides, high quality cover sheet layers, excellent levels of stiffness, good dimensional stability and perfect flatness, even with thin boards. The polyurethane foam cores are exceptionally high quality with a very high heat resistance (100C long term, and 160C short term), problem free application of solvent based inks and glues, easy cutting (manual or with jigsaw) and no crumbling of the foam core. (Please note, the use of laser cutters to cut Kapa foamboards is not recommended as all products have paper based surface liners and you will get brown/burnt edges).
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Size 1016x1524mm
Weight gsm
Shade White
Brand Kapa
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